When Do You Need To Patent Your Product

For newbie inventors, one of the first the comes to their minds is whether they should get a patent first before they show to the world their inventions. However, before doing such thing they should carefully plan for the coverage of their patents. Thus, inventors should be able to realize when it is time to obtain a patent for their work. Patent is very important especially when an inventor is planning on commercializing and marketing their invention.

Patent is considered a negative right. This means that when a person is granted a patent, the government provides the inventor with the right to exclude other from exploiting their work, including commercial production and selling. Thus, inventors are given the chance to protect their products or ideas while in the market and prevent other from claiming their work as their own.

The US Patent and Trademark Office grants patents that are honored only within the states. These patents also include imported goods.

Inventors may be provided with three types of patents: utility (which covers functions), design (which covers aesthetics), and plants (which covers all types of botanical plants). An average utility patent application is priced at $5000 to $10,000. However, prices may increase depending on technological complexity of the concept being patented.

After filing of patent application, the patent office may contest some of the claims made by the inventor. Thus, with such issue that may arise, the processing of patent application may last for several years. In the US, once a granted patent expires 20 years after the date of filing.

Before filing an application, inventors should be fully aware of what is going on with their related industries. They should realize how their work can make an impact to the world. Moreover, they should know that being able to sell something is not the sole purpose of patenting. Instead, it is aimed at protecting intellectual properties and preventing other people from exploiting them.

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